Branding is more than juggling with symbols and colours. A brand can only be successful if it is sustained by real content, i.e. a real product or service creating value for a well-defined target group.

As a communications agency The Image Company can help you frame or reframe your brand by developing an appropriate design and matching content.

We specialize in logo and house style designcorporate, financial and internal communications.

Boost your brand personality

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The way to address customers / consumers has dramatically changed over the years. The customer has a wide range of options and wants added value. On the other hand, his daily life is influenced by design.

Why is design important?

The ‘massification’ of design

The customer is used to design. Design has become a basic commodity.

Even ‘cheaper’ consumer brands claim ‘design’.

Beautiful still sells better

Psychologists show that humans subconsciously look for harmony.

Things beautiful and cared for inspire confidence and create a sense of security.

The only way to seduce that ‘demanding’ customer is with a brand he/she can identify with, as well with regard to content as to form.