Branding is more than juggling with symbols and colours. A brand can only be successful if it is sustained by real content, i.e. a real product or service creating value for a well-defined target group.

As a communications agency The Image Company can help you frame or reframe your brand by developing an appropriate design and matching content.

We specialize in logo and house style designcorporate, financial and internal communications.

Boost your brand personality

> content development, copywriting & translations

Content is the name of the game these days! You know your market, brand and products well, but you may not always have the time necessary to wrap it all in a fascinating story. Moreover, sometimes you need an objective outsider who can pin-point what's interesting for your target audiences.

And do not forget the importance of writing from a SEO point of view! It is paramount to use the right key words often enough to get the best score.

And as we live in a very international context, most of the time you need a compelling story in at least three languages!

content development • copywriting • translations NL & FR & ENG